Golden Rules for a Perfect Wedding Day

Few basic rules to follow if you want to have a “no-stress” wedding day


By: Luv Photography Team


     Hello future brides

The big day is coming and there are just so many things to cover, that you do not know where to start. Just relax! We will give you some help here, with few basic rules to follow for an unforgettable wedding.

1.      Set your “vision”

Make sure you discuss with your fiancé about your ideas and dreams regarding the big day. Decide if you want a small or a big wedding? Away or at home? Casual or formal? Themed or not? Try and cover as many aspects as possible, even if it seems small details, do not skip, your life will be much easier if these things are settled from day 1.

2.     Set your budget

Unless you are a multi-millionaire, than you can skip this step, otherwise it is very important to draw up a budget when planning your wedding.  If you want to make your life easier, and if you can afford, hire a wedding planner. If you can’t afford one, don’t panic, you can do it also. It is not easy, but not impossible either…we have seen people before planning their entire weeding and the outcome was WOW.

There are many categories that require funds, therefore it is important to decide which is most important to you and on which you want to spend more. So here are the basic categories for any wedding, which require fees:

·      Reception and the venue

·      Food and beverage

·      Photography and videography

·      Bridal dress and accessories

·      Groom suit

·      Wedding rings

·      Invitations

·      Ceremony

·      Flowers

·      Music

·      Honeymoon

·      Rehearsal dinner, guests’ gifts, limos and tips

3.     Invest in the only tangible memories

Now, remember, photographs are the only tangible, forever lasting memories of your wedding, so don’t try to save money on these services. Hire people whom you trust and whose work you love. Ask for a portfolio; check their website or social media presence, to see their work.

Make sure you invest in a serious, passionate, master photography team.

4.     Get everything in writing

Contracts will become your next best friend. Make sure you read carefully any contract or print that a vendor is asking you to sign. Do not sign anything until you fully understand what you are agreeing to. For instance, your band is willing to stay past the appointed time – most likely that will be for an overtime fee. Make sure everything is mentioned in the contract, so you don’t end up with a surprise bill at the end.

5.     “Save the Date”

Once you have your wedding day set, and you have decided over the themes, hotels, activities, dress codes and so on, post the “Save the Date” cards. Your guest will have to arrange for that day as well, they need time off from work, book flights, book hotel, and specifically save that date for you and not for other plans.

6.     Be thankful to your guests

images (2).jpg

Of course you will post “tank you cards” to your guests and you will give small gifts to your bridesmaids. Now think how many wedding you have been invited and you have considered it a privilege, when in reality is a privilege for them that you have gone to such an important event in their life.

So give them attention, show them that you are grateful because they honoured your invitation. Say a personal thank you, when you have the chance, throughout the day. Put small/modest (or expensive, depends on your budget) gifts in their hotel rooms, or at the reception, or at each table seat. This will make them feel appreciated for their effort.

Or follow what most of the newlywed couples do these days – hold a short speech at the reception in which you thank your families and to everyone else present.

7.     Be beautiful – be yourself

The bride will be the centre of everyone’s attention in that day, so take care of you! Don’t wait until the last week to think about your hair-style and your make-up. Do not let these two to ruin your mood. Make sure you do your research way before the big day, and decide on how you want your hair to be styled and what type of make-up you’ll wear.

Next step is to book an appointment or more, depends on you, with your hairstylist and makeup artist, and explain to them exactly what you want, and have a trial session. Maybe you’ll find out that what you have chosen initially doesn’t suite you as you thought, so you want to have time available to try something else.

Don’t forget to be yourself! At the end of the day, you are getting ready for your big day, not for someone else’s. Do not get side-tracked by other’s expectations; sometimes being you is the most beautiful thing.

8.     It’s your party – be present

Time will just fly in that day, so try to get the most of it. Now, we all have that crazy friend or relative that will dance all night and will entertain everybody. But, the truth is that those who will set the tone for your wedding is you and the groom.

Be engaged in the festivities, enjoy de meals, socialize with your guests, rock out the dance floor, and your guests will follow, and everybody will have a fabulous time. Don’t let your celebration lose its momentum.

9.     Have a wedding you’ll like to attend

This is your wedding, and it should be the best party of your life. Listen to your instincts, let your personality shine through and create a party that you will actually want to attend.

10.  Smile and be happy

Remember, you have done everything you could, so no matter what happens on your wedding day, don’t stress, don’t be upset with anything, and don’t pay attention to organisational things. There are people in there for that, your families and friends, who will be more than happy to deal with any problem as long as you are happy. That day is for you to enjoy it at most. Your job for that day is : to Enjoyyyyyyy it!

And remember one more thing, any issues from that day will pass, but your happy faces will remain in your wedding photos forever and ever!

Smile and be happy! 

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Information and picture from nikon website.